Hillview Assembly of God
Sunday, June 26, 2022

Hillview Sermons

Pastor Brown 2-19-12 - Blessings From God
Marc Prasch 2-26-12 - Traits of a Christian
Marc Prasch 3-11-12 - The God of the Impossible
Shawn Parnell 3-11-12 - Be a World Changer
Pastor Brown 3-18-12 - Sometimes Life is Hard (But God is Good)
Shawn Parnell 3-18-12 - Its Only God
Pastor Brown 3-25-12 - Be Strong In The Lord
Marc Prasch 3-25-12 - The Purpose of the Church
Pastor Brown 4-1-12 - Comfort From the Word of God
Shawn Parnell 4-15-12 - You Can Rejoice
Sister Brown 4-15-12 - God Is There For Us - Psalms 34
Pastor Brown 4-22-12 - Such As I Have
Marc Prasch 4-22-12 - What God Wants From Us
Shawn Parnell - Don't Quit
Shawn Parnell - Communion Service
Pastor Brown - Mother's Day
Marc Prasch - What God Wants From Us
Marc Prasch - Hearing From God
Pastor Brown - Importance of Unity
Pastor Brown - Anchored In Jesus
Shawn Parnell - We Serve An Awesome God
Shawn Parnell - Prayer and Fasting
Pastor Brown - Spiritual Success
Chris Johnson - The Role of the Rock
Shawn Parnell - Being a man/woman after God's own heart.
Chris Johnson - Jesus Chist; the middle man.
Pastor Brown - God Is Still God
Pastor Brown - Being A Witness
Pastor Brown - Wild About Jesus
Marc Prasch - Just Give Thanks
Marc Prasch - Go For The Gold
Marc Prasch - Are You Empty Enough
Pastor Brown - Things To Be Thankful For
Pastor Brown - That's My King
Pastor Brown - Have Faith In God
Chris Johnson - Christmas Message