Hillview Assembly of God
Thursday, July 18, 2024


Youth Leaders
 Kevin & Melissa Harrington  
 Kris Lyons

We want to invite anyone ages 12 to 18 to come hang out with us in Youth.  This is a great time for fellowship, food, trips, and of coarse, getting closer to God.  Strengthen your Bible knowledge and your relationship with God as well as your fellow teens at the same time.  
     Teens need a positive, safe, friendly, encouraging place to hang out at these days.  You will find it here!  Come help make Youth even better by being a part of it!  
For Teens Facing Life Struggles:
If you are a teen facing life challenges and need someone to talk to this is the link for you.  Relationship issues,  parents divorcing, just need a listening ear?  Dawson Mcallister has a website called "THE HOPE LINE".   CLICK HERE to go to the website and find the help you are looking for.
Funny how we read the word overwhelmed and we immediately think of the problems of the day, week and sometimes this moment in our lives.  We think of stress and frustration.  I challenge you to rethink that outlook.  Take that one word and pray that God would overwhelm you with his presence and will for your life.  Give Jesus priority in each day by starting it out with prayer and God's Word.  Wake up each morning giving God praise for another day of life he has blessed u with.  Count your blessings and name them off to God as you go.  Give God the priority in your life and he will begin to show you the blessing of being overwhelmed with his presence.
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